How to Measure for Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring is sold by the carton or bundle.

Prefinished flooring is packaged in boxes and unfinished flooring is bundled with straps and the flooring facing inside to the protect surface. Prefinished cartons are usually 4-7 ft in length. Unfinished is mostly 7 ft., but can go up to 12 ft depending on the floor.

Measuring a Room

Measuring is as simple as measuring the length and width and then multiply those two distances. For areas with angles, measure to the longest points and divide by 2. You may measure more accurately by measuring by the inch. Measure the length and width in inches and multiply those numbers. For example, if the room is 312" long by 238" the other direction, multiply those numbers and it comes to 74,256". Divide that by the amount of square inches in a square foot, which is 144, and you have 515.66 square feet.

After you have calculated your actual measurement it is recommended that 10% is added to that figure to allow for cutting waste and minor manufacturing defects that are allowable in wood flooring. Also it is a good idea to have about 1 or 2 boxes left over for potential repairs in the future.

Installation Guidelines

Hurst Hardwoods recommends using the installation guidelines of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) or instructions provided by the manufacturer of your flooring. The NWFA can also provide a list of qualified installers in your area. And reading our statement on "Moisture Control" under "Tips and Tools." Is a must!