Hardwood Flooring Edge Styles

Shown below are different edge profiles typically used by hardwood flooring manufacturers. This should be listed on the product detail page of each floor.


Square Edge - will have essentially a perfectly square edge giving the floor a flush uniform appearance. This is standard on all unfinished floors and some prefinished.


Micro bevel - the most common type of edge for prefinished floors. This style is hardly noticeable but serves a purpose to hide any slight height differences in manufacturing. Depending on the floor it can range from about a 1/32 to 1/16.


Eased edge - this is the same size as a micro bevel but has a rounded profile.


Beveled edge - a standard beveled edge will have a deeper cut than a micro bevel. The size of this bevel is about an 1/8 inch or less.


Hand Scraped Flooring - the edge profile of floors that have been hand scraped will generally be scraped similar to the surface of the flooring.